TRICARE MEDICAL Latex Exam Gloves, Powder-free, 5.5 Mil, White, Case of 1000

TRICARE MEDICAL Latex Exam Gloves, Powder-free, 5.5 Mil, White, Case of 1000

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SKU: PS60Y-XS-1000
Barcode: 850039517488

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      Experience exceptional protection and comfort with Tricare Medical's White Latex Exam Gloves. Each case contains 1000 gloves, packaged in 10 boxes with 100 gloves per box. Made from high-quality natural rubber latex, these gloves are perfect for those who are not allergic to latex, offering durability, reliability, and excellent tactile sensitivity.

      These non-sterile, powder-free gloves minimize the risk of contamination, providing maximum protection against harmful substances. Their polymer coating ensures easy donning, while the full-textured surface delivers an exceptional grip, even with wet or slippery objects. The gloves are ambidextrous, allowing them to be worn on either hand, making them ideal for fast-paced environments.

      With a standard 9.5-inch cuff, these gloves offer ample wrist protection while allowing for flexibility and ease of movement. They are medical-grade with an AQL of 1.5, suitable for moderate-risk and medium-duty applications, including medical procedures, laboratory work, and food handling.

      When it comes to ensuring safety and hygiene in medical settings, TRICARE MEDICAL Latex Exam Gloves stand out as a top choice. These powder-free gloves offer superior protection and comfort, making them an essential part of any medical professional's toolkit.

      Special Features of TRICARE MEDICAL White Latex Exam Gloves

      • Made with Renewable Resources: Environmentally friendly natural rubber latex.

      • Available in Natural Color: Classic and professional look.

      • Ambidextrous: Can be worn on either hand for convenience.

      • Non-Sterile & Powder-Free: Reduces contamination risks.

      • Full-Textured & Polymer Coated: Ensures excellent grip and easy donning.

      • Standard Cuff (9.5"): Provides ample wrist protection.

      • Medical Grade with AQL 1.5: Suitable for moderate-risk, medium-duty uses.

      • High Flexibility and Resilience: Consistent fit for all-day comfort.

      Glove Size Guide

      • Extra Small: Palm width 64-76mm

      • Small: Palm width 70-89mm

      • Medium: Palm width 83-101mm

      • Large: Palm width 96-114mm

      • X-Large: Palm width 108-120mm

      Product Specifications

      • Model/Series: PURESAFE PRIME SERIES PS60Y

      • Quantity: Case of 1000

      • Size: X-Small/Small/Medium/Large/X-Large

      • Material: Polymer Coated Natural Rubber Latex

      • Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous

      • Application Usage: Medium Duty 

      • Thickness: 5.5 mil

      • Color: Natural White

      Tricare Medical White Latex Examination Gloves are also available in boxes of 100 gloves and in bundles of 200, 400 and 600.You can find our high-quality gloves on all major e-commerce platforms, including Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Newegg. Shop now and choose the quantity that best suits your needs while enjoying the convenience of shopping from your preferred online store.

      Why Choose TRICARE MEDICAL Latex Exam Gloves?

      TRICARE MEDICAL Latex Exam Gloves are designed to provide excellent barrier protection and durability. With a thickness of 5.5 mil, these gloves are robust enough to handle various medical procedures while maintaining the tactile sensitivity required for precise tasks.

       Benefits of Using Latex Powder-Free Exam Gloves

      - Allergy Reduction: Being powder-free minimizes the risk of developing latex allergies and reduces irritation.

      - Enhanced Protection: The 5.5 mil thickness provides a reliable barrier against contaminants and pathogens.

      - Comfort and Fit: Latex material offers a snug fit and superior comfort, crucial for long hours of use.

      Comparing Latex Exam Gloves: Are Nitrile Exam Gloves Latex-Free?

       While latex gloves are a popular choice due to their elasticity and comfort, some users prefer nitrile gloves. Nitrile exam gloves are latex-free, making them a great alternative for individuals with latex allergies. However, TRICARE MEDICAL Latex Exam Gloves continue to be favored for their natural feel and superior dexterity.

      Why TRICARE MEDICAL Latex Exam Gloves are the Best Choice

       Among the various options available, TRICARE MEDICAL Latex Exam Gloves are considered the best latex exam gloves due to their balance of protection, comfort, and affordability. They are designed to meet the rigorous demands of the medical field, ensuring that healthcare professionals can perform their duties effectively and safely.

      Purchase Your Case of TRICARE MEDICAL Latex Exam Gloves Today

      Invest in the best for your medical practice with TRICARE MEDICAL Latex Exam Gloves. Available in a convenient case of 1000 gloves, these white, powder-free latex gloves are a reliable choice for maintaining hygiene and safety. Order your supply today and experience the quality and comfort that TRICARE MEDICAL is known for. For more information and to purchase, visit Tricare Medical product page. Ensure your practice is equipped with the best latex exam gloves available.



      Product ID PS60Y
      Quantity Case of 1000
      Size X-Small/Small/Medium/Large/X-Large
      Material Polymer Coated Natural Rubber Latex
      Hand Orientation Ambidextrous
      Application Usage Medical
      Thickness 5.5 mil
      Color Natural White
      Brand Tricare Medical


      Color of Original product may slightly vary from listing picture.

      1. What are TRICARE MEDICAL Latex Exam Gloves made of?

      TRICARE MEDICAL Latex Exam Gloves are made from high-quality latex, providing excellent elasticity, comfort, and barrier protection.

      2. Are these latex exam gloves powder-free?

      Yes, TRICARE MEDICAL Latex Exam Gloves are powder-free, which helps reduce the risk of allergic reactions and contamination.

      3. What is the thickness of these latex exam gloves?

      These latex exam gloves have a thickness of 5.5 mil, offering a robust barrier while maintaining tactile sensitivity for precision tasks.

      4. How many gloves come in a case?

      Each case contains 1000 TRICARE MEDICAL Latex Exam Gloves, ensuring you have a sufficient supply for your medical and healthcare needs.

      5. Are these gloves suitable for people with latex allergies?

      While these gloves are made of latex and are powder-free to reduce irritation, individuals with severe latex allergies should consider using nitrile exam gloves, which are latex-free.

      6. What sizes are available for TRICARE MEDICAL Latex Exam Gloves?

      TRICARE MEDICAL Latex Exam Gloves are available in various sizes to ensure a proper fit for all users. Check the product page for specific size availability.

      7. Can these gloves be used for non-medical purposes?

      Yes, while designed for medical and healthcare use, these latex exam gloves can also be used for laboratory work, food handling, and general cleaning tasks.

      8. How do these gloves compare to nitrile exam gloves?

      TRICARE MEDICAL Latex Exam Gloves offer superior comfort and elasticity compared to nitrile gloves. However, nitrile gloves are latex-free and may be more suitable for individuals with latex allergies.

      9. Are these gloves smooth or textured?

      These latex exam gloves have a smooth texture, enhancing tactile sensitivity and providing a better grip during medical examinations and procedures.

      Pros and cons

      • Best Fit
      • Fingertips textured
      • Medical Grade
      • Chemo drug tested
      • Recommended to use for moderate duty
      • Not recommended for people with sensitive skin

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      Customer Reviews

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      Rhea Joval
      Ultra cheap Medical grade glove bundle

      Using these Gloves for a few months now in medical laboratory, they are comfortable and durable, and have held up well to daily use. The bundle pack is great value for money and means we always have a spare pair on hand. I highly recommend these gloves to anyone in the medical field.

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