React Health Luna G3 Auto CPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier

React Health Luna G3 Auto CPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier

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    The Luna G3 Auto CPAP Machine from React Health is engineered to provide unparalleled sleep therapy, ensuring both comfort and compliance for patients. Packed with advanced features, this device offers a superior treatment experience.

    Streamlined Monitoring with Integrated Cellular Modem

    Stay on top of patient compliance effortlessly with the Luna G3's integrated cellular modem. Capturing and monitoring patient data has never been easier, allowing practitioners to ensure optimal therapy adherence.

    Optimal Comfort Features

    Experience maximum comfort throughout the night with the Luna G3's array of patient-centric features. From integrated heated tubing to a pre-heat humidifier function, every breath is delivered at the perfect temperature and humidity level. The Auto Ramp feature gently increases pressure as you fall asleep, facilitating a seamless transition into therapy.

    Convenient Patient Features

    Enhance patient convenience with the Luna G3's bedside clock and resupply reminders. Empower patients to stay engaged with their therapy regimen effortlessly, ensuring consistent treatment.

    Compact and Portable Design

    Despite its powerful capabilities, the Luna G3 maintains a compact footprint, making it easy to integrate into any sleep environment. Its lightweight design further enhances portability and ease of use, allowing for flexibility in treatment.

    Experience the future of sleep therapy with the Luna G3 Auto CPAP Machine. ReactHealth continues to lead the way in innovation, providing solutions that prioritize patient comfort and treatment efficacy.

    Features of Luna G3 Auto CPAP Machines

    1. Integrated cellular modem for streamlined monitoring of patient compliance.
    2. Integrated heated tubing ensures optimal comfort with every breath.
    3. Pre-heat humidifier function maintains ideal humidity levels throughout the night.
    4. Auto Ramp feature gently increases pressure for a seamless transition into therapy.
    5. Convenient bedside clock and resupply reminders for enhanced patient engagement.
    6. Compact and portable design for easy integration into any sleep environment.

    Why Choose React Health?

    1. Industry-Leading Quality: With a commitment to excellence, React Health ensures that each APAP machine meets the highest standards of quality and performance.
    2. Expert Support: Our team of sleep therapy specialists is dedicated to providing personalized support and guidance, ensuring a seamless experience from diagnosis to treatment.
    3. Affordable Pricing: Enjoy the benefits of advanced sleep therapy without breaking the bank, thanks to React Health's competitive pricing and flexible payment options.
    4. Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: We stand behind the quality and effectiveness of our APAP machines with a customer satisfaction guarantee, giving you peace of mind with your purchase.
    5. Continuous Innovation: At React Health, we are committed to ongoing research and development, ensuring that our APAP machines incorporate the latest advancements in sleep apnea treatment.

    Experience the next level of sleep therapy with React Health's advanced APAP machines. From personalized therapy to enhanced comfort and convenience, our APAP machines are designed to empower you to enjoy restful nights and vibrant days. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to a healthier, happier you with React Health's APAP machines. Discover the difference today!

    Understanding APAP Machines

    APAP machines, also known as automatic CPAP machines, are intelligent devices that adjust air pressure levels automatically throughout the night based on your breathing patterns. This advanced technology ensures optimal therapy, catering to your unique needs without compromising on comfort.


    • CPAP Device
    • 2 Reusable filters
    • Water Chamber
    • AC/DC power cord
    • Standard Heated Tubing
    • SD Card
    • Carry Bag

    Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

    1. What is the Luna G3 Auto CPAP Machine?

    The Luna G3 Auto CPAP Machine is an advanced sleep therapy device designed to treat obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and other respiratory conditions. It features auto-adjusting pressure technology to deliver the optimal air pressure levels throughout the night, ensuring effective therapy and enhanced comfort.

     2. How does the Luna G3 Auto CPAP Machine work?

    The Luna G3 Auto CPAP Machine continuously monitors your breathing patterns and adjusts the air pressure accordingly in real-time. By automatically responding to changes in your airflow, it prevents airway collapse and maintains an open airway, promoting uninterrupted sleep and reducing the symptoms of sleep apnea.

    3. Is the Luna G3 Auto CPAP Machine easy to use?

    Yes, the Luna G3 Auto CPAP Machine features a user-friendly interface with intuitive controls, making it easy to set up and operate. The machine's large LCD screen provides clear visibility of settings and therapy data, allowing for hassle-free navigation and customization.

     4. Can I use my existing CPAP mask with the Luna G3 Auto CPAP Machine?

    Yes, the Luna G3 Auto CPAP Machine is compatible with a wide range of CPAP masks, including nasal masks, nasal pillows, and full-face masks. Whether you prefer a specific brand or style, you can use your existing mask with the Luna G3 for personalized comfort and convenience.

     5. How do I clean and maintain the Luna G3 Auto CPAP Machine?

    It is important to regularly clean and maintain your Luna G3 Auto CPAP Machine to ensure optimal performance and hygiene. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning the device, humidifier chamber, and mask components using mild soap and water. Additionally, replace the disposable filters as recommended to prevent dust and debris buildup.

    6. Is the Luna G3 Auto CPAP Machine covered by insurance?

    Yes, it's covered.


    • Pressure Range: 4 to 20 cm H20 (in 0.5 cm increments)
    • Ramp Time: 0 to 60 minutes
    • Sound pressure level: <28 dBA
    • Water Capacity: 350 ml (to max fill line)

    Pros and cons

    • Integrated Heated Tubing
    • Pre-Heat Humidifier Function
    • Auto Ramp
    • Bedside Clock
    • Resupply Reminders

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