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Philips HeartStart Premium AED Cabinet - Wall Surface Mount

Philips HeartStart Premium AED Cabinet - Wall Surface Mount


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About the Product

Model Defibrillator Cabinet - Premium, Wall Surface Mount
Product ID(Legacy/New) PFE7024D 989803110041
Compatible Models Onsite/Home/FRx
Manufacturer Brand Philips


The Defibrillator Cabinet, constructed of heavy gauge steel and tempered glass, protects your defibrillator from theft and the elements. Equipped with an audible alarm and flashing lights (powered by two 9-volt alkaline batteries), the Cabinet attracts attention to mobilize assistance during a cardiac emergency or deter theft.

This cabinet is specifically designed to hold the Philips HeartStart line of AEDs. A perfect fit, this sturdy metal construction wall cabinet protects and prominently displays your Philips AED. Fixed shelf displays AED at window level, with room underneath. Door-activated alarm and flashing strobe light alert everyone the AED has been deployed for rescue. Alarm can be wired to an external panel. Alarm requires two 9-volt batteries (not included). 

Opening the Cabinet's door activates the audible alarm and lights. For locations where a siren is inappropriate, the audible alarm can be disabled.

In buildings with a central security system, your facilities people, or alarm company, can connect the cabinet alarm to your system for a more coordinated response to a cardiac emergency. The alarm can also be connected to a programmable auto-dialer.

The Cabinet is available in two styles:

1. a wall surface mounted Cabinet, for easy installation without cutting into walls, and

2. a semi-recessed model, that is inserted into a wall cut-out, for a less obtrusive look. The semi-recessed model is appropriate where Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Compatible with: Philips Forerunner AED, Philips OnSite AED, Philips FR2/FR2+ AED, Philips FRx AED, Philips FR3 AED.

Inside Tank Dimensions: Surface Mount: 20.875"H x 15.875"W x 5.375"D

Replacement/additional cabinet key determination:
  1. Locate your cabinet
  2. Inside the cabinet is a white plate which covers the alarm's circuit board.
  3. Remove the two screws which hold the cover in place. Remove the cover.
  4. On the back of the cover will be a 3 digit number (801, 802, or 803). That is the number which determines your key.

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    Philips HeartStart Premium AED Cabinet - Wall Surface Mount


    A Ready-to-Use Replaceable Supplies and Accessories AED Kit - Designed for any ordinary person to use with ease.

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