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Ovation Medical

Ovation Medical Thumb Spica Splint

Ovation Medical Thumb Spica Splint


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About the Product

  • Durable with premium quality material.
  • Comfortable to wear during everyday working and sleeping.
  • Velcro closure adjustment on all straps.
  • Simple to put on and take off (can be¬†easily adjusted with one hand).
  • This thumb splint isolates the thumb while giving free space of movements to all the other digits.

  • Separate braces for¬†right and left¬†hand.¬†

Thumb Spica Splint for Thumb or Wrist injuries

    Make/Brand Ovation Medical
    Color Black
    Size X-Small/Small/Medium/Large/X-Large
    Dimensions LxWxH

    Included with the Purchase

    1. Thumb Spica - 1nos


    Thumb Spica allows the thumb for soft tissue protection and healing of thumb injuries, tendonitis, and more. The breathable design provides superior comfort and effective immobilization for wrist and thumb injuries.

    We know life could be unpleasant when suffering from wrist/thumb injury. So, we picked a premium material for our splint. Also we make sure that the splints are available in all sizes to give you perfect fit and maximum comfort.

    This thumb spica splint can help relieve the pain of arthritis, and can help mend issues arising from a fracture or even soft tissue injuries to the thumb region. The lightweight splint is enclosed in a dark, breathable, light fabric that secures the thumb and wrist.
    This brace is durable enough for daily use, but comfortable enough that many report wearing it to bed. 
    ✅  This thumb splint isolates the thumb while giving free space of movements to all the other digits.
    ✅ Simple to put on and take off (can be easily adjusted with one hand).
    ✅ Comfortable enough to sleep in, and give you 24 hours support and stability.

    ✅Separate braces for right and left hand. 

    ✅ The quality of our material make you won't feel hot and moist even wearing it for an extended period of time.

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    Ovation Medical Thumb Spica Splint

    Ovation Medical

    Designed to exert upward pressure and immobilize wrist and thumb

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