Tricare Medical Supplies INC. prescription policy requires buyers to produce the prescription for selected products on this site from authorized medical practitioners in compliance with FDA regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Prescriptions are needed.?

There could be few reasons why the product purchase requires a prescription. First, the manufacturer may require that their products are only sold with a valid prescription. This is usually the case with products that will require a doctor's direction to use properly and to know which items to purchase. In some other cases, a prescription is required by state or federal laws for the product category and classification.

How can I send the Prescription?

Prescriptions may be emailed, faxed, or shared to us in any electronic form.

How do I know which products need Prescription?

Requirement of Prescription for each product would be mentioned clearly on Product Page in Bold Letters just above the buy Button and also in the Description. If you're unsure, we are here to help you.

What if i have ordered without prescription?

Your Order will be held unprocessed until we get the prescription. Our team will contact you.

What if I don't have prescription?

If the product you had ordered needs prescription, and if we did not have one for you in our files, we will email or contact you requesting prescription and hold your order until your prescription is received. To some extent even if you are unable to obtain a copy of your prescription we can call your doctor and request the prescription on your behalf.

May i know the types of Product Requiring Prescriptions?

The types of products that will typically require a prescription include (but are not limited to) AEDs, IV supplies, oxygen concentrators, PAP machines and other items.

Do I Have to need to submit Prescription Every Time?

If you are our regular or past customer, we may have your prescription on file which can be considered for all future orders.

Can i purchase with my old prescription?

In general prescriptions for CPAP, BiPAP and Oxygen therapy are valid for life, so your prescription will qualify regardless of how old it is. If you are unsure if your prescription is valid we would be happy to review it to ensure that it meets current FDA guidelines for purchase.

Does My Prescription Need to Be From a US Doctor?

In most cases, if your primary residence is in a foreign country and you have a prescription from your doctor in that country it should be valid for your purchase as long as it meets the requirements outlined above. If you are unsure if your prescription is valid we would be happy to review it to ensure that it meets current FDA guidelines for purchase. We are only authorized to sell and ship Respironics and ResMed masks and machines to end-users residing in the United States with a prescription from a U.S. doctor.

Does My Prescription Have to Be in English?

No. In most cases we can accept prescriptions written in any language. In certain circumstances we may require a certified translation be provided in English. We will inform you, after reviewing your prescription, if this is the case.

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