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    Fisher & Paykel MR850 Heated Humidifier

    The MR850 respiratory humidifier from Fisher & Paykel healthcare is used to warm and humidify gases delivered to patients requiring mechanical ventilation, positive pressure breathing assistance or other medical gases.  It designed to be simple to operate and high performing solution capable of operating in either Invasive or Non-invasive control modes. The MR850 heated humidifier is part of a complete system designed to deliver optimally humidified gas to adult and infant patients. This dual feedback system incorporated advanced algorithms designed to achieve optimal humidity levels, while minimizing caregiver attention required. The MR850 can be used for full range of Fisher & Paykel Healthcare therapies across the F&P Respiratory Care Continuum. Features of the Product Simple .Easy to use interface Adaptable. One device supports multiple therapies for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients Reliable. Proven to consistently perform Robust. Designed to withstand daily hospital use Flow sensor technology. Automatic standby during periods of gas flow interruption Condensation Control and Humidity Compensation. Automatic algorithms designed to reduce mobile circuit condensate Model MR850 Heated Humidifier Colour Grey with Blue highlights Weight 6.2 lbs Flow Range up to 60LPM invasive mode, up to 120LPM non-invasive mode Dimensions LxWxH 14 x 17.3 x 13.5 cm Included with the Purchase Humidifier  Printed Manual     F&P 850 System - Reliable. Adaptable. Robust The F&P 850 System balances the delivery of optimal humidity for the therapy being delivered, with clinical usability and reduction of mobile circuit condensate. Clinicians select their desired mode (Invasive or Noninvasive) and the F&P 850 System will automatically work to deliver pre-set levels of heat and humidity.  


  • fp myairvo 2 humidified high flow generator system

    Fisher & Paykel myAirvo 2 Humidifier High Flow System

    About the Product Simple Easy to use interface Adjustable temperature and flow settings Controlled oxygen delivery (when required) - Generates flows up to 60 lpm No condensation in the tubes or interfaces Less noisy than an air compressor - Can be used with oxygen up to 15 lpm  AirSpiral Tube for warming air consistently through the tube Handy gribs on AirSpiral Tube to assist with stabilization Alarms for safety Temperature setting 37, 34 and 31 degrees C for comfort Integrated Temperature Sensor which eliminates probes, cables, or adapter Variety of F&P Optiflow interfaces - Can be used with multiple interfaces Model myAirvo 2 Humidified High Flow System Colour Grey with Blue highlights Weight Flow Range 2 up to 60LPM Dimensions LxWxH Included with the Purchase myAirvo2 humidifier Replacement Air Filters (2-pack) HC360 Water Chamber 6 ft. Breathing tube (900PT560E)  Oxygen Inlet Kit Power Cord and Connector Funnel Laminated instruction card Carrying Case Printed User Manual     myAirvo 2 Humidified high flow therapy system with integrated flow generator (For home use) The myAirvo 2 device features a humidifier with integrated flow source that delivers high flows of air/oxygen mixtures to spontaneously breathing patients, through a variety of interfaces up to 60 L/min. The myAirvo 2 with its wide range of accessories is an integrated system providing versatility, mobility and convenience. Description   Looking for a replacement for your air compressor? Need a high flow system that is quiet and has a built-in flow generator to meet your humidification needs? Have a look at the myAirvo 2 humidification high flow system. The myAirvo 2 is replacing the need to have a heavy air compressor that is noisy and heavy. It is very versatile and mobile for customers that need to travel. This unit can generate flows up to 60 lpm which can take you from the hospital to home. It is capable to deliver a warm humidified air with an easy to push button interface to adjust flow meeting your targeted air. No more condensation in the tubing or interfaces. No more cold droplets or gurgling noise to keep you awake at night. myAirvo 2 will keep these problems at bay by using the AirSpiral Tube. This tube contains two spiral elements, the heating component that will allow warm air throughout the tube and the insulation component to keep temperatures even throughout the tube which can vary from the environment. The myAirvo can decrease condensation by 93% making this a unit to look at! So, you say you use oxygen with your air compressor? No worries. The myAirvo 2 is compatible with any supplemental continuous flow system, up to 15 lpm, for anyone that is prescribed oxygen. Simply add an oxygen port and the built-in ultrasonic analyzer integrates the flow without special setup. Just remember if you think this system could help with your oxygen therapy, make sure to talk with your physician. Features Generates flows up to 60 lpm Easy to use display screen No condensation in the tubes or interfaces Can be used with oxygen up to 15 lpm Less noise then an air compressor AirSpiral Tube for warming air consistently through the tube Handy gribs on AirSpiral Tube to assist with stabilization Alarms for safety Temperature setting 37, 34 and 31 degrees C for comfort Integrated Temperature Sensor which eliminates probes, cables, or adapter Can be used with multiple interfaces What type of patients is myAIRVO2 intended/indicated for?myAIRVO 2 can be used on a wide range of patient types, ages, and disease states. In order to obtain myAIRVO 2, a patient must have a valid prescription from a healthcare professional. A HCP will be able to diagnose a patient’s situation and determine if myAIRVO 2 is the appropriate treatment. I used AIRVO in the hospital, can I buy one to use at home?myAIRVO 2 is FDA approved for use in the home and long term care. If you have a valid prescription from your healthcare provider, the myAIRVO 2 is available for purchase and use in the home.Is myAIRVO 2 covered by insurances?myAIRVO 2 can be covered by insurance depending on patient circumstance. Often times insurance companies will require proper documentation in order to pay for the device. Some of the information that insurance companies may or may not require include: valid prescription from healthcare provider, letter of medical necessity, prior authorization, peer-to-peer review.How long is the breathing tube that comes with the device?The AirSpiral Heated Breathing Tube for myAIRVO2 Humidified System is six feet long.  


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