Do you need prescription to buy CPAP Machines and CPAP Supplies?

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Do I need prescription to buy CPAP Machines?

A prescription from your doctor is required if you're considering purchasing a CPAP machines for the first time.
We'll discuss why a CPAP prescription is required, how to obtain a CPAP prescription, and where to acquire CPAP supplies.

Do I need prescription to buy CPAP masks?

Like CPAP machines, CPAP masks must be purchased with a valid prescription.

Like CPAP devices, CPAP masks must be purchased with a prescription.  The doctor will also recommends a mask for your needs.cpap mask on

Do I need prescription to buy parts for cpap machines and masks? 

There is no need for a prescription for certain CPAP mask components. Therefore, a prescription is not required if you only wish to replace your cushion, headgear, or frame.
If you have the old device available with your or even if you are aware of the mask you use, we from Tricare Medical Supplies can assist you in buying the parts separately or choosing suitable ones, so you can put them together.

What can I do if I don't have the prescription? 

We from Tricare Medical Supplies can also help you obtain a prescription from a physician or retrieve one that is already in your possession. Buying a cpap machine requires a prescription, and the doctor will also recommends a mask for your needs.

Can i use my old Prescription to buy cpap supplies?

The validity of your prescriptions do not expire. So you can use your old CPAP therapy prescription for purchase of cpap supplies. 

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