Why Do Tattoo Artists Prefer Black Gloves over the others?

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If you've ever been to a tattoo parlor, you may have noticed that most artists wear black gloves while they work. While it might seem like a minor detail, there are actually several reasons why tattoo artists opt for black gloves over other colors.

tatoo artists with black gloves tricare medical disposable nitrile gloves

In this blog post, we'll explore the many advantages of using black gloves in the tattooing profession.


  1. Visibility: One of the primary reasons tattoo artists use black gloves is for visibility. The high contrast between the black gloves and the skin makes it easier for the artist to see where they're working and ensure they don't miss any spots.

  2. Staining: Tattoo ink can easily stain gloves, especially if they're a light color. Black gloves help conceal any ink stains, which can be unsightly and make it harder to see what the artist is doing.

  3. Professionalism: Black gloves are often seen as more professional-looking than other colors, such as blue or purple. They give the artist a more polished appearance and convey a sense of seriousness and dedication to their craft.

  4. Tradition: Finally, the use of black gloves has become a tradition in the tattooing industry. It's been a longstanding practice for many years, and most artists continue to use them out of habit and respect for the tradition.

  5. Hygiene: Black gloves are also a visual cue that the artist is taking hygiene seriously. As tattoos involve the use of needles and can potentially spread infections, the use of gloves is crucial to maintain a sterile environment.

  6. Style: Black gloves have become synonymous with the tattooing profession and are often seen as a stylish accessory that complements the overall look of the artist.

  7. Availability: Black gloves are readily available in most stores that sell gloves, making them an easy and convenient choice for tattoo artists to stock up on.

  8. Comfort: Some tattoo artists prefer black gloves as they find them more comfortable to wear for long periods, as they tend to be made from materials that are more flexible and form-fitting than other colors.

Black gloves have become a staple in the tattooing industry for several reasons. They provide high visibility, prevent staining, convey professionalism, and have become a traditional and stylish choice for tattoo artists. Additionally, they also serve as an important hygiene measure in preventing the spread of infections during the tattooing process.

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