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Fisher & Paykel Optiflow™ 3S Nasal Cannula Interface for Airvo 2 Humidifier System

Fisher & Paykel Optiflow™ 3S Nasal Cannula Interface for Airvo 2 Humidifier System


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About the Product

  • Comfort and confidence for patients and clinicians
  • Evaqua™ Technology reduces formation of mobile condensate
  • Dual connector fits all F&P circuits
  • Customizable headstrap provides a secure, soft fit
  • Soft cheek pads designed to add stability and reduce pressure on the face
  • Contoured prongs for a softer, streamlined fit 


Product Optiflow 3S Nasal Cannula Interface
Model OPT1042E, OPT1044E, OPT1046E

Small/Medium/Large - For Adult

Compatible Devices Airvo 2 (PT101xx) MR850 F&P 950*

Included with the Purchase

  1. OptiFlow 3S Nasal Cannula - 1 nos

Optiflow™ 3S Nasal Cannula

F&P Optiflow 3S – Stable, Simple, Soft
F&P Optiflow 3S is a new nasal cannula range designed for delivery of Optiflow nasal high flow therapy. The cannula includes innovative features such as breathable headgear, new philtrum pillow and side-swapping which, when combined with Fisher & Paykel Healthcare’s unique Evaqua technology, makes this the most comfortable and stable nasal cannula the company has ever developed.

Optiflow In Motion

Whether your patient is ambulatory or needs regular repositioning, the Optiflow 3S is designed to move with them. Through a combination of fitting options, the Optiflow 3S provides you with the flexibility to set up and move your patient.

OptiFlow Nasal Cannulas are a special high flow interface designed exclusively for use with F&P myAIRVO 2 Humidified High Flow Systems. Three sizes are available -- Small, Medium & Large -- to fit a wide range of users.


Click-in tube clip:

Supports the weight of the circuit to keep the prongs in place, which results in less interface displacement. Neatly positions the tube to the side of the patient’s face

F&P universal connector

Facilitates the Respiratory Care Continuum through compatibility with a range of F&P circuits. Color coded to provide swift sizing identification to help ease the fitting process

Separable headstrap

Soft, breathable fabric wicks moisture away from the head. Tangle free, straight out of the packet, but able to be separated for extra stability. Headstrap designed for stability and flexibility

Contoured interface arms

Encased in soft material and designed to hug the natural curves of the face to provide comfort. Structured, yet flexible, to provide a secure fit without the need to overtighten

Quick-release buckles Ease the fitting process. Swift removal of the interface

Side-swapping capability

When moving your patient from bed to chair or repositioning them to prevent pressure injury, side swapping gives you the freedom to position the circuit, and your patient, when needed – without tangling

Evaqua™ breathable tubing

Achieving ideal humidity will always create some condensation. If left unmanaged, this can result in circuit occlusion, which may end up being inhaled by the patient. Evaqua is a durable, breathable material that effectively manages condensate, allowing it to diffuse outwards via the tubing membrane, thus extending the time to occlusion

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Fisher & Paykel Optiflow™ 3S Nasal Cannula Interface for Airvo 2 Humidifier System

Fisher & Paykel

The most Comfortable, Stable and confidence for patients - Optiflow in Motion

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